Why Should You Hire a Handyman?

Aside from taking care of your family, there are still many things to do in your house. It needs to be maintained so everything works fine and kept in good condition. If you’re living in an old house, chances are, the maintenance things you should do are piling up. If the list is already long, you can hire Honolulu handyman services to help you with it.  


Generally, handymen are charged per hour, so if you have a long list of maintenance and repair tasks to be done, you will save time and money by letting the handyman take charge of everything all at once. If the issues are just minor, there’s no need to hire a licenses plumber of electrician. There are minor tasks that a handyman can handle, which will charge you a lesser price.  

Another reason why you should hire a handyman is because he doesn’t hire additional workers unlike specialist or contractors who will bring a team to get the job done. You won’t be overcharged because the cost of what you’re going to pay will reflect the hours worked by the handyman. They have their own tools, and you supply the materials needed. This way, you can where to buy the materials and even get a discount. You can stay within your budget and register the warranty agreed with the manufacturer.  

Ideals Jobs for a Handyman  

Like we mentioned in our other articles, a handyman is considered to be the “jack of all trades” because of the multi-skill he can do. The following are the home repair tasks he can do.  

Plumbing Work: If the problem is not a major issues, a handyman can handle it. He is capable of doing tasks like repairing a leaky faucet, clogged drain and installing new fixtures. If the task requires relocating of the plumbing system, you might want to hire a licenses plumber.  

Caulking: If you notice gaps between your doors, windows and sidings, hire a handyman to repair those and he will apply a fresh coat of caulk. Doing this will lower the utility cost of the household.  

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning a gutter is a simple task you can do on your own, but it’s going to be messy. It involves climbing the roof, so better hire a handyman to fix it for you. He will clean the gutters and install gutter guards to prevent clogging.  

Decks and Porches: The decks and porches will get old overtime, or sometimes get damaged. A handyman can be able to fix that. He will improve the safety by replacing broken boards and also fix the appearance.  

Home Exterior Repair: If there are components of your exterior home that needs repair, a handyman could be of great help. Hiring one is cost-effective way of repairing missing shingles or gaps than hiring a specialist. As long as the task is minor, it’s okay to hire a handyman.  

Painting and Touch-ups: If you want your walls painted, you can also depend to a handyman for the job. As long as the project is small and can be done in few hours, you can hire a handyman.  


Dosimetry and Radiation Monitoring Badge

Every state has their own rules for monitoring radiations. Laws are always expanding and changing with exposure to radiation rises because of its medical use. This caused the increased regulation on radiation monitoring.

Radiation Monitoring Badge

Personnel Monitoring 

radiation badge will be given to personnel who are working in a lab that uses machines that emit radiation. The requirement would be determined after the approval of a professional. A person should wear the badge when there is a chance of radiation exposure.  

Dosimeters are not able to detect soft beta and alpha emitters that have an average energy not more than 100 keV. Professionals may need the use of extra monitoring badge if it is really required.  

Every individual with a badge must be responsible for making sure that it is handled with great care. The professional would set a routine modification of dosimeters, exposure evaluation, and keep the radiation exposure records. Any big increase in the exposure record will be examined to know the possible cause and the suitable treatments.  

Exchange of Dosimeters 

A coordinator must be assigned to every group of dosimetry badge. It is the responsibility of each person to exchange the badge to their coordinator. Oftentimes, badges must be exchanged every month. A control badge is given with every dosimetry badge group. This control would know the radiation exposure background to the dosimetry badges shipment and would serve to examine any exposures during shipping.  

Proper Use of Dosimeters 

  • The individual is the only one what must wear the badge. It shall not be loaned or use for area monitoring. There are other devices designed to monitor the radiation exposure of a certain area. 
  • When working with ionizing radiation, the badge must be worn in an area where exposure is great. Usually, it is on the collar. Other locations that are acceptable include the shirt pocket, sleeves, or the body trunk. Ring dosimeters must be worn when there is a chance of great radiation exposure to the arm. It is essential to wear the ring on the area that is exposed. Usually, it is on the index finger since it gets the largest exposure. To protect the ring from contamination, it must be worn under gloves.  
  • The dosimeter must be worn always when there is a chance of exposing yourself to a radiation while you are working. The dosimeter must not leave the facility. It must be stored in a radiation-free, safe area whenever you are not using it. The dosimeter must not be stored in hot or humid areas.  
  • The dosimeter packet should be put in the holder. This allows the radiation dosimetry interpretation. The plastic holder has filter sets and open window, which lets the professional to differentiate between the gamma and beta radiation. Also, it determines the radiation energy and the amount of exposure that has been recorded by the device. Return it to a professional for replacement if the holder is damaged or if the filters of the holder fall out.  

Tips for Foundation Repair

Are you experiencing some door problems inside your house? Does it not close or open properly? That would be some signs of defects in the door. Maybe you have some cracked walls in the house that are bothering you or maybe even some bulging floors in some areas of your home. These are some signs of some problems with the foundation of the house.   

 Foundation Repair

Difficulties with the foundation of a house are problems that come with age. It is usually found in an older house due to wear and tear. It is uncommon to find in newly built homes, but it could happen if your contractor built the house wrong. However, never fear as we have some tips for you to help you cope with the foundation problems in your home. 

If you are dealing with some cracks in your foundation here are some tips on how to deal with that. The cracks in your foundation could be due to a lot of things. However, most of the time this is due to the moisture present in the house. The moisture from the soil around your house could soften the dirt around your foundation and put more pressure on it which causes it to crack.  

To counteract this, you could have your soil surrounding your foundation graded. Also, check around the foundation for any water puddles or sub-surface water and ensure that they have been drained. The cracks would usually be present if the foundation is surrounded by moisture or a pipe may have been broken, and water has found its way near the foundation which would be the cause of that.  

If you are dealing with uneven foundation, however, that is a different story. This will probably be the case if you see any unevenness in the floors or walls. The solution to this would be to reinforce the foundation of the house by backing it up with wood, steel braces or carbon fiber mesh. If the damage is too much, then you might have to think about redoing the whole foundation of that are in the house which would cost a lot. 

Be sure to check your pipes as well when you are dealing with a faulty foundation because more often than not that would be the cause of why the foundation would need repairing. The water running from these broken pipes affect the stability of the foundation, and when it is unstable, it creates problems as an effect.  

When dealing with problems like these, it would be best to call your contractor right away. Questions regarding the foundation of your house are no joke because if it is a major issue, then it would be a potential health hazard to the people living in that house if not addressed properly.  

Make the contractor inspect the problems so that he could fix it as soon as possible. The longer you leave the foundation broken, the more it will get broken. That is why you should have it checked by a contractor as soon as you see problems with the foundation to minimize the damage already done. These are some of the tips you should remember regarding foundation repair.  You can contact  reliable contractors that specialize in foundation repair by clicking 


Things To Remember While Using The Elevator

Using the elevator is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get around office buildings or shopping malls, this heavy-duty machine has made life easier by making people use less of their energy. However, there some instances that could go wrong inside an elevator, and it could be the fault of both the person or the elevator. That is why it is important to practice these safety reminders to ensure that you avoid these freak accidents. If you feel that the elevators are malfunctioning, then make sure to report it, because in Portland, elevator repair seriously and the companies make it a point to get it done right away.  


It will be important to know and practice the safety norms when riding the elevator, and it all begins even before you enter the lift. When you approach the elevator, make sure that you know where you are headed, whether it be upper or lower levels. After you’ve pressed the button to your destination be mindful of the passengers who will be exiting the lift, it will be best to wait by the sides and be patient until everyone who needs to step out has done so. While you walk into the lift, and the elevator door suddenly starts to close, don’t ever attempt to stop it with your hands. This machine is a high-powered machine, and you could get seriously injured.  

If you are the first to enter the elevator, try to head to the furthest part of the elevator to maximize space and make room for other passengers. If you are with kids or babies, it will best to carry them, they might get squashed with the number of people inside, and may have trouble breathing. If you are placed nearest to the elevator door, make sure there is enough leeway, so your clothes or and body part will get stuck in between the doors.  

There will be instances where in the elevator will stop for many reasons, and if you happen to be in that situation, it will be best to stay calm at all times. Panicking will not help your case, as well as the others, it could make the situation more stressful to deal. In some elevators, there will be a phone that will be located under the button cases; it is used in case of emergency. You can use that phone to contact security to help you get out of the elevator. You don’t have to worry about suffocating or losing air because the lifts are well ventilated, and there will be plenty of air for everybody.  

These safety tips and reminders can help you get out of those sticky elevator problems with ease; you can avoid more drama and issues if you just remember these simple steps. With many years of progression of technology and materials, it has helped evolve elevators, and they are safer now more than ever, these incidents rarely happen, so there won’t be anything to fear.